The Project

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Through the FWF START-project, ‘Bridging Scales in Dipolar Soft Matter’, Dr. Sofia Kantorovich has established a new research group at the University of Vienna’s Faculty of Physics. The Art of Magnetism aims to bring the Kantorovich-group’s exciting and cutting-edge research of dipolar soft matter to a wider audience, using an innovative approach to highlight the research activities taking place in Vienna.

The Art of Magnetism will take advantage of Vienna’s cultural and artistic traditions, as it is specifically designed to use art as a means of communicating the group’s research to the widest possible audience. With the aid of scientists and artists, the public can take part in creative activities that will make the soft matter research more interesting and accessible, as it is often approached with caution due to its computer-based nature.

The project will be developed with the help of the public, whose input will allow us to adapt the programme to suit each audience during the project. We will produce an interactive exhibition and a series of public participation workshops, in which various groups will have face-to-face contact with scientists and artists. The exhibition and activities will be designed to communicate the basic principles of dipolar soft matter and the potential applications of the research in a comprehensive and accessible way.


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